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Thread: Cabinet Mode Frame Rate

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    Default Cabinet Mode Frame Rate


    I'm new to this product with the introduction of the Williams tables. I've tried cabinet mode and have noticed an unfortunate issue.

    I have two monitors:

    Primary: 1440x2560 120Hz (Portrait Flipped)
    Secondary: 1920x1080 60Hz (Landscape)

    The primary monitor is used for the playfield and the secondary for the DMD. When cabinet mode is activated and the DMD is placed on the secondary screen, the frame rate of the entire game is locked to 60fps, as per the secondary monitor's refresh rate. When cabinet mode is disabled the game operates at 120fps, as per the primary monitors refresh rate. This therefore makes the use of cabinet mode undesirable.

    Is this a known limitation?

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    I know some games will match the frame rate to that of the lowest refresh rate monitor when gaming with dual monitors (60hz in your situation). Maybe you can try connecting your 2nd monitor to the internal GPU so only your Playfield monitor is connected to your dedicated GPU.

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