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Thread: Physics issues not corrected from Beta

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    Thumbs down Physics issues not corrected from Beta

    Why were identified errors in flow physics left in-game for the retail build?

    I am talking about issues like the Castle Lock release that feeds the ball directly into the L Sling in MM

    The R Orbit "kick" or "Bounce" that forces the ball out of it's path in FT, and forces a L flipper feed in a very unnatural fashion. Which makes the multiball feed just wrong. It feeds the balls to the very tip of the L Flipper.

    These issues were brought up in Beta 2, 3 and 4; with no sign of correction in the entire beta process.

    For all your HYPE of physics parity these are not things that fluctuate table to table. They are designed routes that are supposed to be consistent table to table, and game to game. By not making them reliable and consistent you have destroyed the designed game flow.

    I have to question your ability to respond to criticism, or if you're actually listening to anyone who criticizes your product.

    I get that you want to preview and respond to those who will give you good press, but that doesn't result in a good product; as we are seeing in both deficient flow/physics and the on-going, as to be expected from a lack of transparency, censorship issue.

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    I think you wrote about the Normal Single Player mode, which has the old ZEN physics for the fans of our easier approach of gameplay. You need to select classic single player to play with the new simulation physics.

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    The Multiball release does aim for the tip of the left flipper in real life and the other problem doesn’t affected it one bit. You are probably used to games without the lightning flips on location. The ball coming off the wall is a quirk present in the one they used for the model. And real pinball games can have quirks as well. While it’s not definitely right it’s not wrong either.

    And as for flow balls aren’t intended to
    Flow out the right orbit anyway. Only failed shots and Multiball release and it’s not the quirk that causes the path on Multiball release. It doesn’t even touch that spot
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