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    Default Williams tables all trophy guides

    So I’ll try to add what i find out for each table.

    Here is a video trophy guide for the fish tales nice catch trophy

    Here is the video trophy guide for the getaway high speed trophy

    Here is the video trophy guide for the junk yard crazy bob trophy

    Ok So medieval madness is the hardest trophy in the set.

    Wizard mode means you have to do these things first:
    • Hit left ramp 9 times (save 3 peasants - 3 shots per each 1)
    • Hit right ramp 9 times (save 3 damsels - 3 shots per each 1)
    • Hit the orbits 9 times (win 3 jousts - 3 shots per each 1)
    • Hit the catipult 9 times (shoot 3 different objects at castle - 3 shots per each 1)
    • Destroy 5 castles (knock down drawbridge, then gate, then shoot ball inside to destroy)
      —> I recommend going for castles when you have multiballs. You have to shoot to the center and a bad bounce will be a center drain down the middle. With multiballs active you won’t lose your main ball and can survive these bad bounces
    • Kill 10 trolls <—— this is probably the hardest on the list
      Edit —> kept hitting joust orbits and it gave me joust madness which makes a multiball mode with trolls that take only one hit to kill instead of 3 hits to kill. I would recommend this as the orbits are the easiest thing to hit.

    And then you can reach wizard mode with a single shot up to the entrance to the castle.

    This is not a short one

    Here is the video of me finishing the 5th castle and going into wizard mode on ball 2 and I had 2 extra balls so it was more like ball 3 or 4 and I just had a long going game so I don’t have video of the beginning of the game because I think I only have a 15 min timer or something on capturing video and my game was a long one.
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