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Thread: Online scores and useful Pinball FX2 features missing from FX3!!

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    Default Online scores and useful Pinball FX2 features missing from FX3!!

    I got hold of an Xbox 360 yesterday and felt quite nostalgic and sad that all those hundreds of hours that I put into Pinball FX2 to put up big scores and get the achievements (97 out of a 100 - haven't tried on the 3 I don't have) disappeared like mist before the sun as soon as the focus transitioned to Xbox One. Is there any place online where we can access our scores from Pinball FX2 / Zen Pinball 2, and Pinball FX3?

    I logged into my account and took some photos so that I could at least remember the scores I got. There is no way that I'm going to repeat these scores again on FX3 because it just takes too long i.e. Paranormal was 15+ hours. Thinking about it, there is also no place in FX3 where you can see all your scores like you could in FX2... am I missing something?whatsapp web routerlogin

    I also miss from FX2 the fact that you could see your stats for each table and also that there was an operators menu where you could change the colour of the dmd, change the slope of the table, and the amount of balls that you played with. I used it in the beginning to get to know tables better. I know there is a practice mode in Pinball FX3 but it is a pity that it is only for Zen physics. It is Classic Arcade where you need practice because the first few times you play the table the balls just disappear left right and centre.
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