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Thread: How can i view fps in pinball fx3 ? dxtory is not an option.

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    Default How can i view fps in pinball fx3 ? dxtory is not an option.


    Anyone know of a tool to display fps in pinball fx3 for windows 10, it's a U(niversal) W(windows) P(latform) app and i tried geforce overlay but it's not showing. I know dxtory works, but my crappy bitdefender antivirus goes nuts over dxtory and starts deleting files from anything dxtory touches. I just had to reinstall pinball fx3 due to it. I'm ditching bitdefender as soon as the subscription expires as the new version is seriously crappy.

    So how can i view fps in the uwp version of the game. Any other tools out there where antiviruses won't go nuts over or perhaps some key combo ingame ?

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    Open Steam UI, Click View, then In-Game, and you'll see the option to show FPS.

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    Have you tried Fraps?

    It's old but I play on Steam on a Win10 64 bit system and it still works fine for me.
    I even record FX3 videos with it.

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    i'm not talking about the steam version but about the UWP (windows store) version of the game. it's not the same. but it seems geforce experiance can show fps counters since a few months in UWP games /apps.

    Fraps does not work with UWP apps / games

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