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Thread: Missing tables from FX2 to FX3: Zen Core pack, Marvel, etcetera

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    Default Missing tables from FX2 to FX3: Zen Core pack, Marvel, etcetera


    I read in this thread on your forum that people having issues importing tables (from xbox 360 Pinball FX2 to xbox one) should contact you guys at this email address (, well I have this same issue. I sent an email to support last Wednesday and have yet to hear a reply, others have also said there is no one manning the support email. My xbox gamertag is 'downrazor'.

    Some of my tables have been properly imported to my xbox one, the problem is that others don't import and are missing. I have done the other steps highlighted in the thread (uninstall, restart, reinstall, import, find page on microsoft store and try to download from that) and none of them have restored the missing tables. Here is what I am missing:

    Earth Defense
    Secrets of the Deep
    Epic Quest

    Iron Man
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    I am also missing 'Plants vs Zombies' but I realize that this won't be offered on FX3.

    Please help me out, thanks!
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