Well Iíve finished my build which only started when you guys released the Williams beta, the glass and door are finally in place so itís time to say a big Thank You! You guys absolutely Rock big time.

TBH it was all well worth my time and effort to compliment your awesome simulations with a cabinet they Truly deserve.

Main screen is 40in 4K powered by i7 8700k and RTX1080. Iím running PinballX front end with KL25Z nudge board and it runs each table in Arcade mode using the -classic parameter flawlessly in steady 60 frames with vsync.

Things Iíd love to see you guys do would be any of the following to enhance what is already a perfect masterpiece:

An option to make camera lock to full screen without zooming to animations and also Enhanced mode the default in the menu so no need to sw on each time I play a table. Iíve noticed you can now skip animations by pressing both flippers but an option in menu would save even this.

Colourised DMD in enhanced mode much like some of the community made ones of VPX for that extra flash of eye candy.

And finally whilst Iím dreaming lol. A menu much like Arcooda but with the enhancement of the usual and superior Zen art style for simple cab selection and launch without a keyboard. I for one would pay for this as a DLC as I think most of the cabinet community would to cover your development costs.

I am in no rush for Volume 2 as Iím loving the current tables as much as my real life ones which are FH, TZ and hopefully soon the new MB LE remake which I have pre ordered.

I also have access to several others a fellow pinhead has in his gamesroom so if you want me to beta test anything ďwink winkĒ just gimme a shout.

Thanks again Zen and keep up the good work. Iíve already convinced several of my gaming buddyís to try the Williams tables and although not as crazy on pinball as me they are hooked already and not just on fish tales (see what I did there) hehe