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Thread: Skipping the scoring after ball lost

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    Lightbulb Skipping the scoring after ball lost


    Love to play your games, but grinding through the bonuses after the ball is gone, not so much.

    Some games seem to permit skipping through this process, Tesla comes to mind, sadly Ironman doesn't.

    Could it be standardised that some key press gets to the next ball/game sooner?

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    usually pressing both flippers will speed up the bonus count if launch does not. If neither works then it's impossible. traditionally with real pinball it's pressing both flippers.

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    Tilting is your friend. If I'm trying to max out my slow motion for instance 2 things help to make it go a bit faster, tilting so no scores add up and disconnecting from online as the game uploads the score every time as well. Do both these and the minutes add up.

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