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    I tried replying to a thread earlier (would have been my first post), and I saw the message that it would need to be approved or something, but it's been hours... so I'm doing this as a test post just to see if it shows up. If so, I'll go try to post again because it was probably my error in some way. So here goes...

    And it worked, and I was now able to post elsewhere, problem solved. Sorry for taking up space with this post, please delete it if necessary, I can't see where to do it myself.
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    Default New User First Post

    I have a thread running in the S7 Group describing my build of the Kirtley Goods for HMRS.

    I am about to start a new thread for my next build in Scale 7. Should I put that in Scale 7 Group or should it be in Area 51?

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