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Thread: Update 1.34.1 causes problems

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    Default Update 1.34.1 causes problems

    After updating to 1.34.1 ( via apple App store) I can no longer add scores on my +/- 40 zen pinball games . And scoring is THE fun of pinball game.
    Only on 1 of my computers wich one I did NOT update the games work as usual (Version 1.31). So I am convinced that 1.34.1 update caused the problems.
    Is there anyone who can help me? Zen does not reply to my questions via e-mail.
    I work on a Apple iMac and allready play Zen for many years and never had problems after the updates.

    Thanks beforehand

    PS - yesterday ZenStudios , Ákos Györkei , replied to my questions and the problem will be fixed on december 4 the with the next patch. Thanks beforehand.

    PS-2 - Updated on the 4th of december to 1.35 but problem remains
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