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Thread: Kicking off an FX2 Festival Jan 30th, 2011 if interested.

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    Default Kicking off an FX2 Festival Jan 30th, 2011 if interested.

    Greetings all.

    I have been involved with a group called CADERS, that was founded in 2010. it promotes retro gaming, which also includes pinball. Originally starting with Microsoft Game Room, it has done other XBLA related games as far as events go. As part of this is Pinball FX2 on the XBox 360.

    Well, CADERS will be kicking off a casual 17 week festival involving a different machine every week, and cover all currently out, with high score reported. First week will be Speed Machine.

    I figured I would post word out to see if anyone wants to pop in and join. To join, send a friend request over XBox Live, to caderspb .

    This event is casual. In the future, will look to use what is found to work here to kick off a Pinball FX2 league. The Festival is not connected to Zen Studios, but CADERS does welcome input from Zen, and would like to help support getting an official Pinball FX2 league off the ground.

    Results will be send to the participants directly over XBox Live Messenger and posted on the discussion forum (redirects to Facebook). The complete schedule is currently up there.

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    Thanks for the information!
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