Firstly, hi and thank you Zen for making such an awesome game. So addictive and challenging. It just feels so "right" for a pinball game.

I have been reading here for a while and its the only place where I thought I could get an answer to my question as noone seems to know.

Ironman is pretty much the only table I have played for the last couple of weeks, so I am really starting to get it down. I know everything else about the table except for one thing. What do the UNI and BEAM lights under Whiplash and Mandarin do? I light them up all the time and they have no effect on anything. I wish these were the multipliers because the only time I ever get any multiplier on this table is on the mission where I have to hit the bumpers and even then the highest I have ever got is x4. Anyway if anyone could answer this for me it would be appreciated.

I am still yet to defeat Ultimo but have been up to him 6 times. On my highscore game I almost got to him again in the same game. I will give some tips in point form as its easier to read. These tips aren't really about specific missions or anything (they are pretty self-explanitory) but general table tips.

-This table rewards patience and if you take your time with your shots you will be able to keep your ball in play for a long time. I can usually get all missions done on a single ball now and its only dumb mistakes that cost me a ball.
-I only take the SHIELD multiball shot (ball lock) when a ball save is active. As your ball launches if your quick enough you can get 2 ball locked before you lose the save. Also with practice its actually easier to use the right flipper and use a soft backshot. Much less risk.
-The right orbit shot is somewhat dangerous on this table mainly because a miss could hit the SHIELD ball lock target and cause a bad deflection. For this reason I never take a shot at right orbit with a fast ball. I have found the best and most consistent way is to hit left orbit and let the ball just hit the flipper while they are down. It will bounce nicely from the right onto the left but by doing this the ball has a little backspin and makes right orbit shot easier and less risky. I also only try to do this shot when I have a ball save but most of the time this is the last thing I have to do to get to Ultimo so I have found this is a good way.
-When a ball comes out of the mission hole, it comes out in an awkward way. I always try to time it so I shoot up the TOWER ramp. I then use the top left flipper to roll the ball down onto the right flipper to trap the ball.
-Most of the missions are untimed so take your time with them. Take the less risky shots if you can. For example on one of the missions you have to hit ramps and the ramps change after 10-15 secs. The easiest and safest shots on the table is probably the shot straight up the TOWER ramp from left flipper or left orbit. Just simply wait till these ones are available.
-This is a no brainer really but the kickbacks are very simple to constantly keep active on this table. Before you take any shot at the mission hole lights, make sure these are active (although a deathsave can be made from right outlane) because they often deflect to the outlanes.

I had a heap more in my head and will post more as they come to me and try to answer any questions. I hope my tips aren't too basic (they would be for some I know) but these little things help me keep the ball in play for a long time.