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Thread: Not on marketplace at all

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    Default Not on marketplace at all

    i recently had to delete the contents of my hard drive and when i went looking though my download history pinball fx 1 didn't show up, its also missing from the marketplace. any way i can get this game that i paid for back?

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    You'd have to contact Microsoft support regarding Marketplace issues. We can only give you advice; we can't see or change information related to your purchases.

    Although Pinball FX is no longer available on the Marketplace, you should be able to download it if you previously purchased it. You can also download Pinball FX2 and import all the FX1 tables into it, assuming that FX2 detects that you have the appropriate licenses - which sound like it may be a problem.

    Also, make sure you are signed in with the same gamertag you used to buy the game.

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