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Thread: Variations in Ball Drag - FIX?

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    Question Variations in Ball Drag - FIX?

    I have noticed that Ball Drag is quite variable on many FX2 tables. My experience indicates this can be due to other games played before FX2, other FX tables played. viewing of stats/scores/help screens, missions triggered (e.g. MARS: Zero Gravity), or even length of time the xbox is on.

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that ball speed/drag is sometimes different between games on the same table or different tables (especially moving from FX1 tables to FX2). I have seen it too many times. This has been a real problem for me and is a major technical issue that needs to be addressed.

    Is there a reliable way to reset FX2 tables to be technically consistent in regards to ball drag/speed?

    I suspect that going into Operator mode, then making any change and saving will reset the table for correct play.

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    Operator mode will do all kinds of awesome stuff to your tables but, no leaderboards or achievements... drag.

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