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Thread: Captain America multiplayer glitch

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    Exclamation Captain America multiplayer glitch

    As the title says I think I found a glitch where you can shoot up to 2 balls (sometimes 3). So far I can only do this glitch in multiplayer split screen. Don't know if this works on xbox live because I have yet to find a match so I can try it. Heres what you do: before you launch the ball, tilt the table excessively until you see a random score pop out of nowhere. Once you see the score pop up. You can now launch 2 balls into the game! You can do this everytime since multiplayer split screen has unlimited balls

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    LMAO That is absolutely hysterical. It would be SO funny if you could do that during a regular game. LOL

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    LOL...Now I am gonna have to go try this... Nice catch.
    I aint got no skills, I just smack the ball for a while...LOL! ;-)

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