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Thread: Universal Pack Import?

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    Default Universal Pack Import?

    I’ve been wanting to buy the Universal Pack lately and finally decided to do it. I own and frequently play both FX2 VR and FX3 for PS4. If I have to choose one I’ll prefer to have it for FX3 since it gets much better support from Zen, but I was wondering if it possibly can be imported one way or the other. If I buy it for VR can I import to FX3 or the other way around? Just want to make sure I make the best choice for my money, I don’t want to buy it twice. Thx

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    No, the VR tables are seperate from the normal tables,so yeah you would have to buy it twice, but you can always wait for a sale and grab both for what it would cost you to by one pack for say VR.

    I am lucky as i already bought all the normal tables and i am just missing the universal pack for both normal and VR, which i am waiting to go on sale, i would have bought it full price if the tables had the original movie music though, something to think about Zen, i will pay more for the tables with actual movie music as i feel that adds a unlimted enjoyment and immerson to the tables.
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