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Thread: Pinball FX 2 Paranormal Table

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    that totally sucks.. how much did you played on that table man?
    for days didnt you..
    i will speak to you soon nick about this,. my condolances

    grtz Roy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihearawitch View Post
    I had a great game, ball 17, 450 billion , when i started a multi ball the captive ball never came out of the lock. Now it is ball 18 say's shoot again but no ball in ball lauch. this sucks. I hate this table. 80% failure rate for me
    Wow, that really sucks balls, I remember you playing this last week building that jackpot.

    On a good note, I get to remain the king

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    Lightbulb Glitch Fix testing

    Game ruined by a glitch?!
    Have any of the following worked to restore the game to playable condition?

    + Exit & Save ... then Continue playing from saved may help to exit FX2 completely or even turn off the XBOX/PS3 then restart.

    + Wait a set amount of time for the table to reset. (5 to 10 minutes)

    + Change settings in the Help & Options menu... try turning Arcade Effects off, or changing other settings that do not erase the current game. Do NOT enter the Operator menu as it will erase the current game!

    + Look at Leaderboards, Local Leaderboard, Statistics, Rule Sheet, etc...
    a somewhat unlikely fix option but its worth trying out of desperation.

    Last resort
    + TILT... should at least alllow you to register your score up to that point if you don't have any balls left to play.

    Good Luck!

    p.s. Make sure that your game console is not overheating. Dust it off... heat vent holes should be clear of obstructions.
    Do you use a wired or wireless controller? Low powered or malfunctioning controllers may create input errors that cause glitches. Wired controllers are generally quicker & more reliable.
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    the stupist table ever, its too easy the magna save and the extra balls are soo easy to get ,paranormal sucksss really
    sry for my really bad english

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