Zen Pinball iOS will be available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4 starting next week!

If you are at all familiar with Pinball FX2, then you know how this will work: Zen Pinball on iOS is a FREE pinball platform download for everyone. Included in the download is a FREE table - Sorcerer's Lair - which users can play as long as they want, no strings attached.

All other tables will be individual in-app purchases.

Table selection will be a mix of Zen's original designs and the Marvel series. There will be a total of three tables at launch including Sorcerer's Lair.

Some key features:

- Achievements – powered by Open Feint
- Game Center enabled
- Leader Boards – Global leader boards and local high scores
- Rule Sheet – Each table comes equipped with a rule sheet providing tips and tricks to help you boost your score
- Hot Seat Multiplayer – Pass the game around to friends as you compete with each other for the top pinball wizard

We will let you know when the game is live next week!