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Thread: FX2 xbox 360 to FX3 table import

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    Default FX2 xbox 360 to FX3 table import


    I bought the balls of glory and marvel pinball pack on xbox 360 but I can not import them to Xbox One (FX2 and FX3)
    In FX3 I press X and after a few secounds it says that table import failed. I tried it multiple times today and yesterday.
    I also tried to import the tables to pinball fx2 on Xbox One but I can't "purchase" them because there is no shop for fx2 on Xbox One anymore.

    Yesterday I mailed zens support adress but did not get an answer.

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    Same here. I also bought Alien vs Pinball and Bethesda Pinball...

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    Same issue with the Venom Table - bought it on 360 because it was the only Marvel table I needed and is only bundled with tables I already own on XB1.

    Get the Table import failed message and does not show up as owned in Pinball FX2 either on XB1. No issues playing it on 360.

    GT: il Radd

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    Hi everyone,

    sorry about that. Transfers can hit a bump on a myriad of factors both on our end and in the store.

    If you can get an email to we can help you out ourselves.

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