Well, I dont know if it's a bug, but something is not good with the Extraball on Williams Pinball.

First I dont really understand how many we can earn, it's not clear and it changes on each tables. But on Medieval Madness, the number of XB is cap to 5 on the entire game (I guess it's the case on the other Williams tables ?)

That means if you've already earned the max number of XB (5), they becomes impossible to earn again in the same way. So you have to stay with only 4 XB to gain the possibility to earn a new XB.

For exemple on Medieval Madness : I earn 2 XB wining a Super Jackpot on Castle multiball, then 2 with 1 Royal Madnesses, then 2 crushing 2 castles. So 5. Then, the Castle Hurry-up wont give me the XB Lite after 10 turns (definititly lost possibility to earn it). And next Royal Madnesses only gives me 15m for the rest of the game, but not XB (normaly you can earn more than one XB with this mode).

That means if you wanna keep all the XB possibilities to win an XB, you have to be carefull to win only max 4 (not 5) to can earn a new one on the next ball. That's why I think it's probably a bug.