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Thread: Android beta issues i noticed (highscores, spelling mistake, slowdowns)

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    Default Android beta issues i noticed (highscores, spelling mistake, slowdowns)


    I just have gotten the android beta version of the game, these are the things i noticed:

    1. I think i noticed a spelling mistake, others might have to chime in on this as english is not my native language but i think "turned" must be "turn"

    2. Everything ingame seems to run fine on my motorala e4 plus except for league games they slow down to a crawl and i don't understand why because other game modes work without a problem. I'll have to test some more

    3. Displaying "my highscores" in arcade section acts weird. First it seems to select / highlight my score in white (i'm on 240th position in video) but then it scrolls to scores around position 200 making my score invisible. So i scroll down to my score, but all of a sudden when i almost reach it the score screen resets somehow like as if i scrolled up while i did not and see again scores around postion 200 i have to repeat scrolling down until the screen eventually does not misbehave and i can see the score. I recorded this behaviour in this video

    Crap this forum section is about steam beta not android version beta. You might have to create a new section or a general report android beta bugs here
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