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Thread: Crash on screenshot (iPad1)

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    Default Crash on screenshot (iPad1)

    I just experienced a crash in Zen Pinball playing the Captain America table... I'd just had my best game ever with 145million+ points and was entering in my name. Just before hitting save I tried to take a screen capture of my name by hitting the home and sleep buttons on the iPad1 at the same time. ZP crashed (screen went black), the screenshot happened (screen went white and the camera noise happened), then I was back on the home screen. Dread set in, I double tapped the home button & launched ZP from there. It started up from scratch so my score is lost forever... but I checked and at least the screenshot worked!

    Anyway, I've learned my lesson not to try and screen capture ZP, especially without having hit save on a high score. Let this be a warning to you all (and hopefully something the devs can look into and reproduce).
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