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Thread: Pinball fx3 backglass issue

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    Default Pinball fx3 backglass issue

    Backglass not appearing in cabinet mode, just a black screen with a line of text at top. Looks like path. Any input on how to fix? Is this a known bug? Any help appreciated.

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    From the FAQ

    What type of images could be use for Backglass in Pinball FX3?

    You can use any of the following image formats: .bmp .gif .png .jpg .jpeg

    How to properly use my Backglass images?

    You have to copy them into your Pinball FX3’s data folder. You can find it here:
    [Your Steam installation directory]\steamapps\common\Pinball FX3\data\steam\

    Backglass image naming convention: you have to rename your images to match the table’s name you want to display. You can find the list of tables also in the data\steam folder. Also, you can set the backglass, then navigate through My Collection and the game will display the necessary path and filename for each table. Here are a few examples:
    Citadel.jpg – this image will be displayed while playing on the Sorcerer’s Lair table
    Aliens.bmp – this image will be displayed while playing on the Aliens table
    UNIVERSAL_Jaws.png – this image will be displayed while playing on the Jaws table
    PinballFX3.jpg – this image will be displayed while browsing the menus of the game

    Where can I get Backglass pictures?

    You get pictures for your cabinet from anywhere you would like. However we definitely recommend you to choose pictures with higher quality.

    You can find some useful sources here:

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