Hi Zen,

I write to you because yesterday, for the first time in my life, I was forced to do this :


This is a refund request to Steam (refused because I had more than 2 hours of game on the DLC Williams Pinball Volume 3, I explain why later).

So, how a fan can do this ? Believe me, it was a hard decision to take, I'm still sad to have to do it. Even though I didnt have to think twice, and have no regrets. I didnt find any best solution to try to affect you.

You know how much I like Pinball FX3 and Zen Studios, I dont have to prove it anymore. For those who still dont know, I'm a fan since 2010, I animate my forum the LUP's Club with the greatest passion, I always wanted to bring the game up, I always did it with care, love, and conviction. The quality and aesthetics of our forum is well established, all the members are fans of ZS.

But I made this refund request. Because for the first time in the history of Zen Studios, you too have released a DLC of 3 tables, knowing that all the games will be buggy.

I'm talking about the rewind issue, which has been reported to you several times, and appeared since the release of Williams Pinball Volume 2. This bug affects all games in Williams tables, when using the last quarter of the rewind power at level 10 : the gamer backs to Windows, seeing several hours of his game crashed. It's for this reason obviously, that Steam can not refund me, because it takes more than 2 hours of game to up the rewind at level 10.

Pinball FX3 is an awesome game, its quality is great. But it's just impossible for hardgamers who have the rewind level 10 to finish a game normally.

The most important is not the loss of time that you intentionally put to the gamers and your fans. It's their huge disappointment, when they understand that you have decide to release the game, and no matter if knowned major bugs that crash the games are still present.

What is going on ? Is there a finished product manager in your team ? This is a bug that I discovered in 5h34 on the DLC, and I could have discovered before if I had focused on it. Knowing that it already existed on volume 2, why not have it corrected, and above all, why did you release Volume 3 like that ?

For the release of Volume 4, it is now imperative you focus to correct this bug and all the other major bugs that have been listed in the appropriate topic, and affect all the leaderboards since too many time. Several members of LUP's Club have already made the decision to not continue their purchases til this work is done. We will wait for you to send us the fix patch notes before buying the next tables.

Please dont disappoint your fans, who have been following you for almost 10 years, who have always helped you by listing many bugs. You and us are married.

I let my friends continue and complete this thread if they want to.