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Thread: Vol.3 Tournament ball speed toned down?

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    Angry Vol.3 Tournament ball speed toned down?

    I've been playing Theatre of Magic and noticed that the ball speed with Tournament physics in Vol.3 is much slower than in Volume 1 & 2, which was as real and closest to the real thing as possible.

    To see what I'm talking about see this video:

    So the question is, will this sadly be the selected "Tournament physics" standard for the next Volumes? I have to say that if the game can't be played with the "exclusive to purists" Tournament physics anymore and even this mode that we all 've been waiting in a dream to come true is also toned down for casual's sake, then I think Vol.3 will be my last Volume. Couldn't stand the TPA physics before, now they are toned down even in Zen's version. Very sad to be dissapointed like this.
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