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Thread: Yikes... Just found out that Williams app requires online connection to play

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    Default Yikes... Just found out that Williams app requires online connection to play

    I uninstalled this garbage app after a few days because of the awful monetization scheme. I reinstalled it because I was told that they added an option to buy the tables directly in dollars. I wasn’t able to find where to do this. But I did find out that you are locked out from playing tables when you are offline. Wow! I didn’t think it was possible but I keep finding more reasons to hate this game.

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    Yup. Grind, grind and grind some more to possibly & eventually unlock each table at Level 4 to allow offline play or take advantage (pay $20 for the first set of seven tables, then $10 for the second set of three) of the *Limited Time* "offer" allowing you to purchase the fully unlocked tables to enable offline play. Fine and dandy...but that's provided that you're even presented with the offer at all or notice it and have time to react to it.

    But why on earth are these purchases a *Limited Time* offer anyways??? So you'll only take my money for ~2 days (the amount of time that they give you to decide to purchase)? What if your current funds are short and you have to wait to purchase?

    This is so incredibly dumb...
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    I don't like this app too. There is a lot of rubbish applications nowadays but I prefer using helpful and easy controllable apps like described on Maybe you should pick up a normal app for your needs there

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    Fortunately it's now possible to play Grade 2 tables in offline / arcade mode (That feature previously required Grade 4).

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