I hate these kind of puzzles, but i figured out something that maybe could make it easier for others. the top three tiles, from left to right , are Wing Tip, Moon, Large Wing. i managed to get these 3 in order, where Large wing goes first, folowed by moon, followed by tip. once i got these three in place at the top row, i was able to get the rest into place very quickly after, but i do not know if this is because i got the top 3 in order first, or if i just got lucky. In general i find these kind of puzzles to be the worst kind, i remember one like this from Res Evil 4 that sometimes i could get in 2 minutes but usually took me 1 hour+. anyway, try to get the top 3 tiles Tip, Moon, Wing into order first from left to right and see if it helps. Lower left will be empty.