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Thread: Star Wars Prequel Tables?

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    Default Star Wars Prequel Tables?

    Is there a possibility of seeing tables dedicated to each Star Wars Prequel. It seems kind of weird to have a table dedicated to each of the other movies but not those three. I know the movies have a bad rap, but there are a lot of design elements that would make for a killer table.

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    Ah, I just imagine the miriad of prequel quotes we could put in there.

    This is where the fun begins, blast this is why I hate flying etc.

    Our graphics team would have a hell of a fun time doing a Theed palace environemnt for example.

    Yeah it would be great! I'm not entirely sure why we never done these in the past actually.

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    I mean, let's get real. Yes the prequels have a bad reputation, but so far the sequels have had an even worse reputation, yet they still get pinball tables. That's an argument in favor of prequel tables.

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