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Thread: Can't use both flippers (Switch)

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    Default Can't use both flippers (Switch)

    Hello everyone,

    I just got a Switch for my birthday, and as a huge Pinball FX3 fan (since the days of Marvel Pinball on PS3) I was really excited to download it for the Switch.

    Except... It's unplayable?

    Why can't I use both flippers at the same time? In all the other versions, hitting both the triggers will activate both flippers at once. I know I'm a fairly amateur player, but I do this often. In the Switch version, only one flipper activates, and I have to let go of the one trigger for the other one to move.
    Is this supposed to happen? Any ideas on whether its a known issue or intentional? This has really spoiled the game for me to the point I can't really use it.

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    Hi quinton, congrats on getting a Switch! Awesome.

    Are you playing in portrait mode using the Joy Con dpad buttons by any chance? These will not let you press both buttons/flippers at the same time because of the hardvare limitations of the Joy Con - the developer team tells me.

    If you play with the triggers, or a Pro controller you should be able to get both flippers up at the same time.

    Or your issue is that you can never activate both flipper even when using the triggers?

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    My guy, what you really need to do is buy a Flip Grip to play comfortably in portrait mode with proper controls.

    Looks like the website is currently out of stock, but maybe try eBay or something.

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