pokemon zenpinball plays like pokemon pinball for gb and pokemon pinball ruby & sapphire for gba.
boards will be red, jp blue, jp green, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and ect.
playing for free starts you with red board. rest of the boards you have to buy.
release should be red, jp blue, jp green boards. later update start with yellow then gold and silver then so on.
you catch pokemon like the original pinball game like in gb/gba and plays like it too.
red and jp blue boards should looks like from red and blue boards from pokemon pinball
ruby and sapphire boards should look like from ruby and sapphire boards from pokemon pinball ruby & sapphire
there should be a pokedex. my idea for title is pokemon pinball ultimate or pokemon pinball ultra. I really want see a pokemon zenpinball for switch, i want hear your guys ideas for this game.