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Thread: Packs already purchased

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    Default Packs already purchased

    Good Day Everybody.

    The issue that I have is this. I've bought every pinball pack for the Xbox One. I had to reset the xbox. Now I have a few packs that are not allowing me to download without buying them again.

    Here's the list that I have to buy again

    Marvel Legends Pack
    Heavy Hitters Pack
    Cinematic Pack
    Unsung Heroes
    Sci-Fi Pack

    Since these were purchased on the Xbox One I called them first. They said that these games are add-ons in the game and I have to contact Zen for assistance.


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    Hi Randy,

    did you write to the support email too? (support at zenstudios dot com) If you did, there might be a chance that we managed to get back to you.

    If not, please write to us there and we can help ya out.

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