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Thread: Star Wars Prequel Tables?

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    Default Star Wars Prequel Tables?

    Is there a possibility of seeing tables dedicated to each Star Wars Prequel. It seems kind of weird to have a table dedicated to each of the other movies but not those three. I know the movies have a bad rap, but there are a lot of design elements that would make for a killer table. Mobdro
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    Star Wars: Masters of the Force?

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    They said it'd be a cool idea but honestly they prob thought there's not much demand for it (even Solo movie got high attention for tables albeit before we knew how that turned out). Maybe one day - licensing so expensive they've focused on Williams efforts for the now over all else even in face of mega dominance of avenger movies (guess we're getting no more marvel tables either).

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    I personally would love to do those. I have a pretty special relationship with the prequels, I watched all of them in the theatre with my dad when they came out. Love all three.

    Also, isn't the prequels kind of in fashion now? With r/prequelmemes and the Clone Wars cartoon getting a new season.

    Anyway, these are not in development right now but it would be really cool.

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