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Thread: Default Sprite theft in zen pinball???

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    Default Default Sprite theft in zen pinball???

    I have to say in all honesty that I really do love this game. That being said, I found something shocking in the Epic Quest table today...

    I found myself in a battle, and then I saw the image at the top inside that link. Right off the bat, I was thinking about Haunter from Pokemon Red and Blue. So I went down to the spriters resource to compare the image I saw in zen pinball with the Haunter sprite from Pokemon Red and Blue, and much to my dismay... It was a match.uc browser shareit appvn

    This was not the first time that I have seen Sprites that I feel like I've seen before. I myself play the bio lab table a lot, and when I watch the dot matrix intro, eventually I will see a bull growing horns and running along the dot matrix. This ball Bears a striking resemblance to a certain ball that appears in Warner Brothers related media including a couple of video games such as Taz Escape From Mars.

    I have to ask... Why? Most of the images in your game appear to be custom made aside from the dot matrix video is in a lot of the licensed tables, but why would I find Haunter in one of your tables that has nothing to do with Pokemon?
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    We'll investigate this, thanks!

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    hehe, cool! never change that!

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