Hi guys,

So I only just found out a few weeks ago that Zen picked up the Williams license and was super excited.

I've been playing their FX3 Medieval Madness on Classic Arcade mode for a week now and I must say I LOVE it! I really, really love the realistic physics and tough difficulty. This is the way pinball should be.

I've been practicing MM on FX3 for a week and just today I stopped by two different pubs to play their real MM tables just to compare. And was pleasantly surprised to report that the real tables play almost exactly the same as the the FX3 version. The tricks i've learned from the FX3 table on when to trap the ball and how the ball reacts when I try to do certain things it in certain situations matches the way the real table reacts too. The points where you aim on the flipper are almost spot on too (every table might shoot a bit differently with flipper wear). This is really something special what Zen's doing here and they're really doing the pinball community a massive service.

We can literally use these FX3 williams tables as practice tables it seems. I don't have as much experience with real tables in the other williams packs, but I'm confident they play quite close to their real counterparts. If anyone has any of their more in-depth experiences on this I would be very interested.

I noticed today my average scores on the real MM tables almost matches the average scores I get on the FX3 version perfectly. This is huge as back in Pinball Arcade I always found it too easy to get high scores. Really, REALLY loving what Zen is doing here with these real tables.

Will be buying all your Williams tables and every future real table you recreate. Please keep up your great work on the realistic physics/gameplay. Please keep improving and making the physics even more real. You're getting so close to the real thing.

On a side note, it would be great if you could eventually pick up other licenses from other manufacturers like Stern, Spooky Pinball, Jersey Jack and Heighway. With the realistic physics in these williams tables I find it really hard to go back to your old Zen tables now. I really prefer playing your recreation of real tables instead cause it feels so real and I enjoy the challenge. Also authentic pinball tables have this charm and character.

Thanks again for your great work. And please make Monster Bash! =D