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Thread: Can I import my purchases from Microsoft Store to Steam

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    Default Can I import my purchases from Microsoft Store to Steam

    I originally downloaded Pinball FX3 from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and purchased a few table packs. Last week some of the tables went on sale on the Humble Store, so I bought them. These were Steam codes, so I had to install the Steam version of FX3 to enable them.

    I don't want to have two different versions of the game, each with different tables. Is there any way to import Microsoft Store tables into my Steam version?

    I also have many iOS tables that I wouldn't really expect to be able to import, but as for the Microsoft Store...I would expect this is doable.

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    The Microsoft Store version is also tied in with the Xbox version (so you can transfer tables between those), however those microsoft/xbox tables cannot be transferred to Steam, just like you can't transfer your steam tables to PS4, or your xbox tables to ps4.

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    Unfortunately it is exactly as Moosebox said. We can't bring over different store items to another store.

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