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Thread: Williams Pinball on iOS: resetting daily challenges?

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    Default Williams Pinball on iOS: resetting daily challenges?

    Since the last release of Williams Pinball with the latest tables, daily challenges don’t seem to reset any more. All 3 are at the Hard difficulty and have been for days. (I don’t have the 4th daily challenge unlocked)

    Is this normal? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it didn’t fix anything.

    Edit: so apparently beating the hard challenges finished off the challenges for the day, with new challenges coming 24 hours later. When that happens, I got 3 new challenges per slot: a Hard, a Medium, and another Hard. After that, the 24-hour timer starts again.

    This is different from the past. In previous versions, the challenges would reset to easy every 24 hours regardless of what you did with them.
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    Default Williams Pinball on iOS resetting daily challenges

    Being a firefighter myself, I too would love to see Williams Fire updated for 9. I have always wanted this pin, to be able to play this game again would be awesome

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