I have decided to create a Thread where I can post links to all the Official Table Guides which have been produced for Star Wars Pinball etc. so far. I will continue to update this thread. Special Thanks goes out to Zen Studios!

Official Pinball Table Guides

*You can also find ALL of the other Tables Guides (Marvel Pinball, Pinball FX 2/3 & Zen Pinball 2) over at the Pinball FX Official Website*

PLEASE NOTE! - where you see (!) it indicates that the Table is available on multiple Platforms such as PFX2 & ZP2 etc. The Tables themselves are the mostly the same, otherwise it will be noted within the Guide itself!

Zen Studios Pinball Games: Guide Videos - Collection of videos showing how to complete Modes etc. SW: Rogue One videos have been added!

Star Wars Pinball - http://www.starwarspinball.com/


- (!)Boba Fett

- (!)SW Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back

- (!)SW: The Clone Wars

Balance of The Force

- (!)Darth Vader

- (!)SW Ep VI: Return of The Jedi

- (!)Starfighter Assault

Heroes Within

- (!)Droids

- (!)Han Solo

- (!)Masters of The Force

- (!)SW Ep IV: A New Hope

Force Awakens

- (!)Might of The First Order

- (!)The Force Awakens

Solo Pack

- (!)Battle of Mimban

- (!)Calrissian Chronicles

- (!)Solo

The Last Jedi

- (!)Ahch-To

- (!)The Last Jedi

Standalone DLC

- (!)SW: Rebels

- (!)SW: Rogue One