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Thread: Hi, I'm your new Community Manager!

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    Default Hi, I'm your new Community Manager!

    Hi Zenners!

    My name is Jeno and I値l be joining Zen Studios as the new Community Manager.

    My path led here through many and many achievements, as this December I値l be playing games for 20 years now. Started from racing with radio control cars in Re-volt to crawling through the dungeons of Operencia, I致e experienced just too many things to even summarize.

    So speaking about Pinball, my favourite table is Metallica. Combining some of the greatest songs from one of the most iconic bands in history, with an amazing set of visuals and objectives on the table, it was really just the perfect piece for the love at first sight.

    Feel free to ask me anything related to Pinball, storming castles or crawling through the depths and heights of Operencia.

    Anyway, I知 infinitely grateful to be part of the community, and really hope we値l have a great time together here!

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    Thumbs up Welcome Jeno


    Official Pinball Guides (PFX3 etc.) - Written & Video Form

    PSN = SrkToTheChin
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    Default HI

    Pleasure to know that

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