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Thread: Where's the best place to fully learn about making a high end digital pin?

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    Default Where's the best place to fully learn about making a high end digital pin?

    I've finally had a chance to try one with a tilt bobber, 4k screens, etc. It wasn't real pinball, and was incredible! I don't know anything about building a setup, software, etc. I'm really wondering if I need a wide body or standard cab. Where would the best place to start this process? Sorry for the question, I've spent a few hours looking about and still haven't found a resource that goes through the steps of a build and the main points to consider.
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    Are you talking about Pincabs?

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    Visual Pinball Junkies group on Facebook is a good start (but read the FAQs before asking questions!).
    Also google 'mjr build guide' and read that amazing document.
    'MameInABox' are having a go at a youtube series too.

    It's taken me a long time, but great hobby. Zen have decent support for VPins, but the community are hoping to convince them support it a little more.

    Photo of mine so far...


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    Vpuniverse and vpforums are Nice forums where you can find out a lot about virtual pinball cabinet etc

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