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Thread: Does the Data East Robocop game have a score rollover?

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    Default Does the Data East Robocop game have a score rollover?

    I just played a really good round, I believe it was 11 jumps, two extra balls, two claimed multiball jackpots and two ED 209 millions. I watched my score keep climbing into the 9 million range and when it went to what would be 10, the millions digit went blank. I kept going and I think officially the score would be 12 million but it only registered as 2 mil. Is this a common issue? I wish I could have recorded the rollover had I known.
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    Yes, the score rolls over at 10 million. It's not a glitch in the ROM though. Originally the machine was going to use four 7-digit alphanumeric displays, but the production of the machine kept on getting delayed and the table rolled out with the new 2 alphanumeric strips. It looks like they didn't have time to reprogram the ROM for the upgrade.

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