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Thread: What's everyone's thoughts on pinball FX3?

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    Default What's everyone's thoughts on pinball FX3?

    I know, virtual will never be a proper replacement for the real thing. With the original and licensed tables though I just can't get into any of them. I think they look and sound great for the most part, the gameplay just falls completely flat for me on almost every single one. Having every game mode on a strict timer to make highly specific shots just ruins it for me, it's like everything is on a hurry up countdown. I'm pretty stoked about the Williams tables making their way over though, the physics and graphics are fall superior to PA. I played virtual pinball a ton due to having nowhere close to play. That being said after we bought our pin I want nothing to do with virtual. It has it's place sure, but is far, far inferior. I played a lot of Pinball Arcade and now I'll occasionally spend some time on the Williams machines on FX3, but the original tables all seem pretty uninspired and struggle to hold my interest.
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