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Thread: Williams table update message

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    Default Williams table update message


    First of all, thank you guys for this amazing game, I can't get enough of it . I play pinball fx for many, many years now, since the first pinball fx was released on the xbox 360.

    However, I want to ask if somebody experienced the following:

    I have 2 Williams (volume 3) table (Safe Cracker & Theatre of Magic) that have a arrow icons displayed on the table. Everytime I click on the table to play, I get a pop-up showing me a message "Table update is now available! Would you like to get it now?". I can click on "Table update" or "Play" button. If I click on the play-button I can play the table just fine. However when I click on update-table-button it will try to update very quickly and showing a short message of "updating 0%". With other words, it wil not update and the arrow icons won't dissapear.

    Again, I can play both tables just fine. However these two tables are the only tables where the arrow icons keeps showing and won't go away.
    Anybody else experienced this same (display) issue? Somebody knows how to fix this?

    I know this is not a game breaking issue, just a small display thingy. But still wanna to ask if other people are have the same issue or somebody knows if an update for both these table are coming soon?

    platform: Windows 10

    Kind regards
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    There was another thread about this but it was never resolved.

    I don't think Zen has any clue. It may be a Microsoft Store glitch.

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