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    I really don't like the Black Rose pinball machine because either the
    ball gets stuck or the ball goes to the far right or far left so you
    lose the ball
    I like to add that if I ever get the ball not to go down the far right or
    far left that's when the ball gets stuck in Pirates Cove
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    BR is pretty unfair.
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    It's my least favourite of all the williams so far.
    Pinball can be accused of being repetitive though I don;t feel that way.
    Black Rose feels repetitive and a little tough!

    Others feel different and I hope they enjoy the table. It looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirtuaDream View Post
    BR is pretty unfair.
    You say the truth ....

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    Beautiful Table.
    I do need to spend more time learning it though.

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