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Thread: Williams not syncing parts/level etc with new device

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    Default Williams not syncing parts/level etc with new device

    I originally started playing both Zen and Williams on my phone. I installed it on my tablet and logged in with the same Google Play account but in Williams, my level, table stats, parts, etc., did not sync to the tablet. I did not have this problem in the Zen Pinball app. My tables synced to both without a problem. The phone details are below. I'm attaching a photo of what the tablet shows as the User ID, which does not match. Thanks for your help!

    GameTitle:Williams Pinball
    DeviceType:Google Pixel 2 XL
    Store:Google Store

    Tablet photo with user & device ID:

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    I'm not sure anyone reads this forum : /

    I have a phone and tablet and experienced the same. I had a few games unlocked (via gameplay not purchased) on my phone and wanted to play them on the tablet. I used an application called Helium to back up my saved game and transfer it to the tablet. This was quite painful but worked if you are sufficiently motivated. It would be a million times easier if it would just load your profile. Especially since it prompts for your email account.

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