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Thread: Suggestions for the future of No Mercy

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    Default Suggestions for the future of No Mercy

    This is a list of things I'd like to see added to the game in the future and maybe just some tweaks of the existing formula, if you have any to add please post them here. Also this isnt a rambling of someone who is not happy with the game, I love this game its a blast and I cant stop playing, its like playing UT3 on the PS2, but it seems like theres only a few useful mods and weapons in the game and the rest are there for show.

    First off the weapon/mod screen after a death should be changed. Its aggrevating when you are in the middle of a fight and in a split second you are shot and sent to the weapon loadout screen and you always change your weapons and mods on accident because you are still trying to move and shoot, not only that but it feels like you dont know what happened to you or where it came from. I think when you are killed it should go to a killcam of your body lying there, you have the option to watch the map for a few seconds or other people, respawn or check the scoreboard, or hit a button and go to the weapon loadout screen. It feels like you are grabbed then thrown away from the battle and in an instant you are dead, at a loadout screen not even watching the map anymore.

    I think the weapon upgrade mod is one that needs to have a higher cooldown on it or just replaced and added by making the ability to use these points you pick up and to upgrade your weapons individually and permanently. Its a great mod but its the only mod anyone seems to use because you can become the most powerful person in the game in about the first opening 30 sec of a match. If all you have to do to upgrade your gun is press triangle once every 25 seconds and walk into the weapon upgrade pick up on the ground theres no point in any other mod. It causes the rest of the mods feel like gimmicks, invisibilty is fun and invunerability is cool for the 2 seconds it actually works, but why bother changing strategies if I can become more powerful by pressing triangle three times and start killing people with 5 bullets. Also it makes having the weapon upgrade pick ups useless. Also when Weapon upgrade is mixed with the CMG, you will not lose. Which is my next point.

    The CMG is overpowered by too much. Anyone in the room who only has the arm-5 is not going to win when they run into the guy with the CMG, its impossible to lose a shootout with the CMG, and when mixed with weapon upgrade anyone with only the arm-5 will just leave the room because their gun is largely underpowered when next to the CMG. That seems like the only gun that needs to be taken down just a little to even the playing field. The point i'm trying to make is that if you only unlocked the CMG in the game, thats all you'd ever need, from the games I've played it seems like every room is 4 people with CMG's and one guy with the arm-5 and then the guy with the arm-5 leaves. You have the aks-49, but why bother when it has 1/4 the clip size of the CMG, half the accuracy and 1/4 the damage the CMG lays out so quickly. It limits the persons style to play the game, its like if you want to win you have to follow the pack and use the CMG so you stand a chance at taking someone else out or you have to get lucky and catch them at low health, but if you dont have weapon upgrade mod you are still just a fish in a barrel. More often I feel like the CMG is limiting the way you can play the game and what mods are actually useful to a person. Why use any other gun when the CMG is the end all be all.

    Other minor additions:
    **being able to see what mods the person who killed you was using
    **The ability to see where they shot you from
    **More destructable pieces in the enviornments

    **More music added and the ability to play your own music, (I know thats what a ton of people request for every game but it makes it so much fun)
    **Better personal stat tracking ie: how many kills with which character, most killed online opponent, (oh and the favorite gun stat tracker is currently not working properly, it says my favorite is the SSMG but in my stats I have one kill with it and 251 with the CMG)
    **Increase in the player cap to 10 or 12 people

    Again this is all coming from someone who enjoys this game alot and would like to see it grow and gain a bigger community. If you have additions please post them here. I have more but I cant think of what they were right now.
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