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Thread: Boba Fett table making strange buzzing / rattling sound

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    Default Boba Fett table making strange buzzing / rattling sound

    Started playing the Boba Fett table again in Pinball FX3 on Windows 10. There is a buzzing or rattling sound that always starts up within the first two minutes of playing the table. Not sure what causes it to happen. I managed to stop it at one point after activating a multiball mode, but then it started up again shortly after.

    Maybe it's not a sound problem, but a physics engine problem? It sounds kind of like a ball stuck underneath the table top. Not overly loud, but loud enough to be quite annoying when you are trying to concentrate...

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    Thanks for pointing it out. I've submitted the issue to the QA team - once I'll get an answer, I'll get back to you.
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    Thanks again, Ray.

    I believe that the buzzing / rattling sound starts when you hit the Hutts seesaw with Newton ball with a ball. In cases where the seesaw is reset to its starting position, the sounds stops.

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