Hey there,
I finally got a chance to play The Big Lebowski last week, which I've wanted to do since I first saw a playfield photo 4-5 years ago. Never thought it would happen, but uh, life finds a way. Does anyone else have a pinball white whale- a game you've never played, a mode you've never finished, etc? Next, I might need to Rule the Universe...
I'm still less than a year into being a serious pinball guy but so far getting the retro mode on bksor is one of my biggest goals... living in Pitt I've watched tons of great players hit it with casual ease.... I've come one knight letter away but that's the closest

With pinburgh/PAPA warehouse so close I've gotten to check out all the games I've wanted to so far (except big bang bar I guess lol)

the other one that comes to mind is i really wanna hit the dirty pools on AFM and addams someday