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Thread: Dread Nautical is setting sail for Apple Arcade!

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    Default Dread Nautical is setting sail for Apple Arcade!

    We are happy to announce Zen Studios’ latest project: Dread Nautical!

    The game is coming to the highly anticipated Apple Arcade subscription system. Players subscribing to the service will be able to play the entire game across all of their Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Offline play is also included.

    Dread Nautical is a roguelike survival horror game set on a cruiser lost at sea. As you find yourself stranded in the middle of the ocean, explore the ship, search for survivors and fight your way through the horrors that lurk below to solve the mystery of what happened.

    Here's what you'll need to survive:

    • Team up with other survivors: Gather your party, and descend below with a team of three (at max) and take on the challenges that await under. Stay one step ahead of your enemies, plan your attacks, and find the best use of your weapons.
    • Upgrade your characters, weapons, and base of operations: Use scraps and runes found while exploring to upgrade your abilities, repair your weapons or build beds for your companions.
    • Scour every inch of the ship: You and your friends will need food to survive, so scan the deck for food, and other goodies, like weapons, armor pieces, and consumables which may help you on your quest.

    Do you have what it takes to face the nightmares of a mysterious force, find out what happened, and lead your crew home? We shall see…
    Zen Studios

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    I’m enjoying Dread Nautical. Definitely scratches that xcom/invisible inc. turn-based tactical game itch that I get from time to time. Also, just wanted to put it out there that the game works perfectly with my ps4 controller. I know I’ve asked for controller support for years and it’s clear that you can competently implement controller support for ios, but I’ll ask again. Can you please add support for controllers for Zen Pinball? Thanks.

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    Default That's nice

    - but when will we see more guides and lists of in-game items? : )

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