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    Default Favorite Quotes from Marvel Pinball

    To help pass the time while waiting these last few hours on the Avengers Chronicles pack I thought we could share a few of our favorite quotes from Marvel Pinball. I find myself saying some of these every now and then. And for some reason I haven't found the Vengeance and Virtue pack to be quite as quote worthy. Hopefully, that will be different with the new pack.

    Hannibal: "Alright! We scared one away."

    Blade: "I thought you were dead, Hannibal."
    Hannibal: "I am dead!"

    Iron man
    Tony Stark: "They say you learn a lot from your mistakes. I'll have to try that sometime."

    Wolverine: "Skillshot, argh!"

    Wolverine: "I'm the best I am at what I do. But what I do best, isn't very nice."

    Spider-Man: "That wasn't spectacular....or amazing."

    Fantastic Four
    Human Torch: "That's a flaming skillshot!"

    Thing: "Not this again."

    Professor X: "Don't lose your focus!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearded_Warrior View Post
    Blade: "I thought you were dead, Hannibal."
    Hannibal: "I am dead! [Remember?]"
    I like that one too.

    Blade: "Hannibal you take the alley. The door is mine!"

    Frost: "My minions are coming to your neighborhood. Ha ha! Give them a nice welcome."

    Wolverine: "Hey Tin Woodsman! I'm sending you back to Oz in pieces."

    Sabertooth: "Quod sum eris! I am what you will be."

    Ghost Rider
    Lucifer: "Hahahaha! It's the great Johnny butter fingers."

    Mephisto: "Oh! We have a cheater."
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    Blade: "They call me...Daywalker"

    Doc Ock: "Gah! Stay away from me!"

    Sabertooth: "Happy birthday runt!"

    Hannibal: "It's not dark yet, let me sleep"

    Thor: "Nay, evil one! Never shall you defy the all-father's rule"

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    Spiderman- "Funny...that's what kids say when they want my action figure for their birthday" (or something to that effect! LOL)


    Thor- "Ahh...I should end you, but one can not catch when thou flees like a spineless jackal" (again.. something to that effect!)


    Wolverine -"I may be down, but I'm not out...and I'm still the best at what I do!"

    Ghost Rider

    Mephisto- "Ahahaha it's the Great Johnny Butter Fingers!!!"

    Orb- "Now you'll never forget.... The Orb!"

    Ghost Rider- "Heh...who are you again?!"

    Moon Knight

    Konshu- "Whoa...hey! Umm....RUDE!"

    Too many others to write. I'm sure someone will post them here though.
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    Fantastic Four
    Thing: It's Clobbering Time!

    Human Torch: That was hot!
    Thing: Enough with the puns already!

    Doom: Surprised to see me Susan?
    Doom: Such an amusing diversion
    Doom: That's right Susan. Run and hide.

    Moon Knight
    Konshu: Ask me what time it is.
    MK: All right Konshu, what time is it?
    Konshu: Iiiit's MIDNIGHT!!!

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    All great so these:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearded_Warrior View Post
    Blade: "I thought you were dead, Hannibal."
    Hannibal: "I am dead!"
    Quote Originally Posted by shogun00 View Post
    Lucifer: "Hahahaha! It's the great Johnny butter fingers."
    Quote Originally Posted by snakeman07 View Post
    Hannibal: "It's not dark yet, let me sleep"
    A few from the top of my head so I dunno if their exact...

    [Hela] "I am Hela, Goddess of Death. At my touch even a God must die."

    [Sentinel] "Resistance is futile, mutant"

    [Tony Stark] "It's a bit early but...cheers!"

    [Mysterio] "No, only I can master the art of cheating death...not you!" (or something like that)

    [Wolverine] "No way I'm letting Slim do this without me" (I know that's not right but something of that effect on X-Men table)

    [Konshu] "Shiny like the moon, we have an extra ball!"

    [Konshu] "I don't know if you care, but their getting away with your girl"
    [Marlene] "I'd like to come back...if you'll have me" (or somethings to those effects)

    Many more that just aren't going all the way from the tip of my tongue to the keyboard right now! Can't wait for at least one "HULK SMASH!" though...I think he or someone near him said it at least once during Plane Hulk/WWHulk?
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