With the vol.5 pack delay drifting closer to October now, and game testers in telltale silent mode recently... the writing on the wall would seem to indicate an October release with an obvious Halloween themed pack. Maybe "Fright Night" pack? Hmmmm... if this tarrot card reading were to be accurate with those signs, what tables would be included? Monster Bash would be a no brainer, what else though? Addams Family? Elvira & The Party Monsters? The Creature From the Black Lagoon? What Bally / Williams Halloween themed tables am I missing?

New reflection in the crystal ball... remember that innocent pic a few months back with Gary Stern?... Maybe, just maybe in time for Halloween... Stern's Ghostbusters, The Munsters and Elvira's House of Horrors??? If so, this would be an incredible 1st offering from such a partnership. Thoughts? Other readings? Any Zen Channelers with a Ouija board?